Project Management

PI:  Kristin Lauter, Microsoft Research

Co-PIs:  Ruth Charney, Brandeis University and Magnhild Lien, Emerita,California State University

Project Director:  Magnhild Lien


AWM Grant and Program Director:  Steven Ferrucci, AWM Managing Director


Project Oversight Team:  Ruth Charney, Kristin Lauter, Kathryn Leonard, Occidental College and Magnhild Lien

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Evaluator:  Erin Leahey (senior personal), Associate Professor of Sociology,  University of Arizona, will be the external evaluator for the grant and will be working closely with the Project Oversight Team and a graduate student at University of Arizona developing the survey instruments and evaluating the results of the surveys.  She will also conduct a study on the effects on the mathematical careers of the women participating in the proposed activities.