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Women in Computational Topology

Glance Name Institution Research interest
Erin1 Erin Wolf Chambers Saint Louis University Computational topology and geometry, graph theory, combinatorial algorithms, and recruitment/retention issues in computer science and mathematics
unnamed Sofya Chepushtanova Wilkes University Geometric and topological data analysis, pattern recognition, optimization, numerical methods
unnamed Jessi Cisewski Yale University Astrostatistics, topological data analysis, approximate Bayesian computation, generalized fiducial inference, foundations of statistics
carina2-sep-2014 Carina Curto Penn State Math Applications of algebra and topology to neuroscience
Lisbeth Fajstrup Aalborg University, Denmark Directed algebraic topology, Applying topology to problems in computer sceince, TDA
ellen Ellen Gasparovic Union College Computational and applied topology, topological data analysis, topological methods in image and shape analysis, differential topology and singularity theory
Giseon Heo University of Alberta, Canada Applied computational topology, statistics, statistical learning
photo_epfl Kathryn Hess EPFL Homotopy theory, category theory, and applications of algebraic topology in the life sciences (in particular in neuroscience and cancer biology) and in chemical engineering
IMG_2729 Jici Huang Montana State University Topological data analysis, persistent homology, comparative genomics
 foto Raquel Iniesta King’s College London Computational statistics, machine learning and Topologic Data Analysis, High-dimensional data modelling, Bioinformatics, Genetics and Pharmacogenetics of complex diseases (Cancer, Schizophrenia, Major Depression, Hypertension)
 landi Claudia Landi Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy) Topological data analysis, computational
topology, pattern recognition, shape comparison
unnamed Rachel Levanger Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University Persistent homology, spatiotemporal data analysis, machine learning
mrm Melissa McGuirl Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University. topological data analysis, spatio-temporal pattern formation, dynamical systems, machine learning, genomic data analysis
em-wtopo Emanuela Merelli University of Camerino, Italy Topological Field Theory of Data, Process Theory, Bioinspired Models of Computation
elizabeth-munch-headshot Elizabeth Munch Michigan State University Applied & computational topology, applied & computational category theory, Topological data analysis, Time Series Analysis, Statistics and Machine learning
unnamed Rachel Neville University of Arizona Applied & computational topology, dynamical systems, pattern formation, topological data analysis, machine learning
 url Alice Patania Politecnico di Torino, I.S.I. Foundation Topological Data Analysis, Mathematical Modelling, Brain Networks analysis (connectomics), Gene Networks, Information Theory
unnamed Emilie Purvine Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Data analysis, computational topology, sheaf theory, Hodge theory, cyber security, topological analysis of graphs
Vanessa Robins The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia Applied topology and geometry, topological crystallography, applications to image analysis, porous and granular materials, materials science
 unnamed Nikki Sanderson University of Colorado, Boulder Computational Topology, Dynamical Systems, Shape Spaces, Computational Mechanics
sara-scaramuccia Sara Scaramuccia University of Genova, Italy Computational topology, multidimensional persistent homology, discrete Morse theory
unnamed Altansuren Tumurbaatar Washington State University Computational topology, Optimization, Geometric Measure Theory, Mathematical analysis,Data analysis, Machine learning, Distributed computing, Mobile programming
url Bei Wang University of Utah Topological data analysis, computational
topology, data visualization, visualizing large graphs, brain network
analysis and machine learning
yusu Yusu Wang The Ohio State University Computational geometry, computational and applied topology, geometric and topological data analysis, with applications in graphics, visualization, machine learning and computational biology
url Carola Wenk Tulane University Computational geometry, shape matching, geometric and topological data analysis
unnamed Lori Ziegelmeier Macalester College Computational geometry and topology, topological data analysis, manifold learning, optimization, pattern analysis