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On this page you will find a list of women in shape modeling and analysis. To submit your information, please use this link. Note that updates to the table will take several minutes. Also, the table does not automatically wrap the text inside cells of the table, so sorting and formatting will be done on a quarterly basis.


Name Institution Research interests
Nina Amenta University of California, Davis Shape modeling, computational geometry, surface reconstruction, point clouds, deformation
Marie-Paule Cani Grenoble University and Inria 3D shape modeling and animation, implicit surfaces and their use in constructive modeling and animation, developable surfaces and their use in constructive modeling and animation, expressive interfaces for shape modeling: sketch-based modeling, sculpting systems, transfer (smart copy-paste) paradigms
Duygu Ceylan Adobe Research 3D acquisition, shape analysis, machine learning
Jen-Mei Chang California State University, Long Beach Geometric data analysis, pattern recognition, image processing, higher education, computational mathematics
Manasi Datar Siemens Healthineers Non-parametric models, correspondence models, shape regression, longitudinal shape analysis, ensemble statistics, multi-modality image registration, unsupervised clustering
Ilke Demir Facebook Computer vision, geometry processing, machine learning, generative modeling, 3D reconstruction
Carlotta Domeniconi George Mason University Machine learning, data mining, subspace and multi-view techniques, Bayesian methods, ensemble methods, text mining, social network analysis, educational data mining, financial data mining, big data
Noha El-Zehiry Siemens Healthineers Computer vision, machine learning, image processing, shape analysis, medical image analysis, graph theory, combinatorial optimization, pattern recognition
Ellen Gasparovic Union College Topological methods in image and shape analysis, image recognition, computational topology and geometry, topological data analysis, singularity theory
Cindy Grimm Oregon State University Robotic grasping and manipulation, 3D volume segmentation, structure analysis for biomedical applications, human-robot interaction, surface modeling, 3D sketching
Marylesa Howard National Security Technologies, LLC Image segmentation, uncertainty quantification, optimization, image and signal processing techniques, physics applications
Ruizhen Hu Shenzhen University Shape analysis, fabrication, geometry processing, image processing
Terry Knight MIT Generative design, shape grammars, computational making
Kathryn Leonard Occidental College Geometric modeling, metric spaces of shapes, shape understanding
Mao Li Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Topological data analysis, persistent homology, plant morphology quantification, shape and image analysis
Géraldine Morin University of Toulouse Geometric modeling, multimedia, 3D representations
Beatriz Paniagua Kitware Cranio-facial morphology, shape analysis, machine learning, image processing
Athina Panotopoulou Dartmouth College Computational fabrication, graphics
Zenith Purisha University of Helsinki Sparse X-ray tomography, bone morphology
Elissa Ross MESH Consultants Inc. & The Fields Institute Discrete and computational geometry, CAD software development, architectural geometry, design computation, scientific simulation, rigidity theory, shape modeling, meshing, mathematical and computational crystallography, interdisciplinarity
Sibel Tari Middle East Technical University Shape analysis, computational creativity, image processing
Ilkay Ulusoy Middle East Technical University Signal processing, machine learning, computer vision and pattern recognition, probabilistic graphical models, face/activity/event recognition, 3D face/object recognition, skeleton based object recognition, object detection from electro-optic/SAR/IR/hyperspectral satellite/aerial images, hyperspectral/SAR image classification/segmentation, CT/MR segmentation, brain modeling, EEG, fMRI, fNIR signal analysis, connectivity modeling
Carola Wenk Tulane University Algorithms, computational geometry, shape matching
Bengisu Yılmaz Multi-scale models of composite materials, mechanical behavior of materials, non-destructive testing of composite materials, topology optimization, shape modeling of metamaterials