WIT: Women In Topology

Welcome to the website of the Women in Topology network, a network of women (cis and trans) and non-binary mathematicians who are active in algebraic topology.

Our community was inspired by the WIT workshops, which have occurred regularly since 2013.  We aim to be a resource to women algebraic topologists and to the algebraic topology community as a whole by showcasing the contributions of women in algebraic topology to the discipline.  Here you will find information about our past and future WIT workshops, our research stemming from WIT collaborations, and an up-to-date list of women in our network.

Steering committee

Our network has a flexible organizational structure.  The steering committee consists of our former and current WIT workshop organizers, together with our web officer.  Please contact any of us for further information:

Gruppenfoto_Women_in_Topology (1)
Women in Topology III, HIM Bonn, August 2019

Women in Topology II, BIRS, April 2016
Women in Topology I, BIRS, August 2013