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Below is an incomplete list of female algebraic topologists.

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In alphabetical order

Name Institution Areas of expertise / keywords
Sanjana Agarwal Indiana University  
Senja Barthel EPFL Valais Persistent homology, material science application, geometric topology, topological graph theory, molecular biology application
Maria Basterra University of New Hampshire Stable homotopy theory, homotopical algebra, operads, homological algebra
Kristine Bauer University of Calgary Functor calculus
Agnes Beaudry University of Colorado at Boulder Algebraic topology, stable homotopy groups of sphere, chromatic homotopy theory
Eva Belmont Northwestern University Motivic and classical Adams spectral sequences
Robin Belton Montana State University Computational topology, directed topology
Julie Bergner University of Virginia Homotopical (higher) categories, homotopical operads, model categories, 2-Segal spaces
Anna Marie Bohmann Vanderbilt University Equivariant homotopy theory
Olivia Borghi University of Melbourne Operads, factorization homology
Natàlia Castellana Vila Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Homotopy of classifying spaces, homotopy idempotent functors, localization, cellularization, Hopf spaces
Joana Cirici University of Barcelona Topology of algebraic varieties and complex manifolds, cohomological operations, operads, rational and p-adic homotopy theory.
Vesta Coufal Gonzaga University  
Daniela Egas Santander EPFL Topology applied to neuroscience, graph models of moduli spaces
Eugenia Ellis Universidad de la República Algebraic K-theory, isomorphisms conjectures, homological algebra
Lisbeth Fajstrup Aalborg University, Denmark Directed topology, applications in concurrency theory and distributed computing, directed coverings
Brittany Terese Fasy Montana State University Topological data analysis, computational topology, homology
Teena Gerhardt Michigan State University Algebraic K-theory, equivariant stable homotopy theory
Jelena Grbic University of Southampton Homotopy theory, toric topology, configuration spaces
Kathryn Hess EPFL Model categories, operads, applications of topology
Renee Hoekzema University of Oxford Manifolds, cobordism categories, cobordism groups, TQFT
Eva Höning Universität Hamburg stable homotopy theory, topological Hochschild homology
Michele Intermont Kalamazoo College  
Jocelyne Ishak University of Kent Stable homotopy theory
Brenda Johnson Union College Functor calculus, homological algebra
Magdalena Kedziorek Radboud University Nijmegen Equivariant stable homotopy theory, category theory, model categories.
Sarah Klanderman Marian University Algebraic topology, topological (co)Hochschild homology, Algebraic K-theory
Inbar Klang Columbia University homotopy theory, (topological) Hochschild homology and cohomology, factorization homology, fixed point theory
Hana Jia Kong University of Chicago Equivariant stable homotopy theory
Kathryn Lesh Union College Unstable homotopy theory, classifying spaces
Ayelet Lindenstrauss Indiana University Hochschild-type approximations of algebraic K-theory, higher Hochschild homology
Muriel Livernet
Université de Paris
Operads, combinatorial and homotopical aspects
Clover May UCLA Equivariant homotopy theory
Leanne Merrill Western Oregon University Stable homotopy theory, Adams spectral sequence, chromatic homotopy theory
Christina Osborne Cedarville University homotopy theory, abelian functor calculus
Angélica Osorno Reed College Equivariant homotopy theory, interactions between category theory and homotopy theory
Viktoriya Ozornova Ruhr-University Bochum Abstract homotopy theory, complicial sets, 2-Segal spaces, Thomason model structure, stable homotopy theory
Simona Paoli University of Leicester Higher category theory, homotopy theory and their interactions; homological algebra
Kate Ponto University of Kentucky Stable homotopy theory, topological fixed point theory, duality and trace
Dorette Pronk Dalhousie University Orbifolds, restriction categories, tangent categories, double categories, groupoids, bicategories of fractions, reverse differentiation
Birgit Richter University of Hamburg Structured ring spectra, topological Hochschild homology, algebraic K-theory, operads, homotopical algebra
Emily Riehl Johns Hopkins University Infinity categories, model categories, the small object argument, Reedy categories, and homotopy type theory, among other topics in categorical homotopy theory
Marcy Robertson University of Melbourne Model categories, operads, properads, infinity categories, infinity operads, infinity properads
Constanze Roitzheim University of Kent Model categories, stable homotopy theory
Martina Rovelli Australian National University Infinity-category theory, higher category theory, abstract homotopy theory
Carmen Rovi Karls-Ruprecht Universität Heidelberg Surgery theory, Topology of manifolds
Emily Rudman Indiana University Hochschild homology, cyclic homology
Samanwita Samal Indiana University  
Claudia Scheimbauer Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Fully) extended (twisted) TFTs, higher categorical structures, factorization algebras, derived symplectic geometry
Sarah Scherotzke University of Münster  
Laura Scull Fort Lewis College equivariant homotopy theory, orbifolds
Julia Semikina University of Bonn Algebraic K-theory, cut and paste invariants of manifolds, cobordism category, modular representation theory
Tashrika Sharma University of Vienna Knot Theory, 3-manifolds, Algebraic Topology, Geometric Topology
Brooke Shipley University of Illinois at Chicago Model categories, stable homotopy theory, homological algebra
Vesna Stojanoska University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Stable homotopy theory, topological modular forms, interactions with arithmetic geometry
Ulrike Tillmann Oxford University Topology and its applications
Christine Vespa Université de Strasbourg Stable homology, polynomial functors, functor categories
Elizabeth Vidaurre University of Rochester Toric topology
Nathalie Wahl University of Copenhagen Homological stability, mapping class groups, Hochschild homology, string topology
Sarah Whitehouse University of Sheffield Homotopical algebra, stable homotopy theory, operads
Kirsten Wickelgren Duke University Motivic homotopy theory, interactions between homotopy theory and arithmetic geometry
Maria Yakerson Duisburg-Essen University Motivic homotopy theory, algebraic K-theory
Zhichun (Joy) Zhang Swarthmore College I’m interested in topology, graph theory, and network science!

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