The proceedings volume for the second WIT workshop, held at the Banff International Research Station in April 2016 is in preparation.


The proceedings of the first WIT workshop, held at the Banff International Research Station in August 2013, is:

Women in Topology: Collaborations in Homotopy TheoryAMS Contemporary Mathematics Series, Vol. 641 (2015).

Papers in this collection include the following:

Representations of derived A-infinity algebras
Camil I. Aponte Román, Muriel Livernet, Marcy Robertson, Sarah Whitehouse and Stephanie Ziegenhagen [MathSciNet] [ArXiv]

Unbased calculus for functors to chain complexes
Maria Basterra, Kristine Bauer, Agnès Beaudry, Rosona Eldred, Brenda Johnson, Mona Merling and Sarah Yeakel [MathSciNet] [ArXiv]

• Left-induced model structures and diagram categories
Marzieh Bayeh, Kathryn Hess, Varvara Karpova, Magdalena Kȩdziorek, Emily Riehl and Brooke Shipley [MathSciNet] [ArXiv]

• Fixed points of p-toral groups acting on partition complexes
Julia E. Bergner, Ruth Joachimi, Kathryn Lesh, Vesna Stojanoska and Kirsten Wickelgren [MathSciNet] [ArXiv]

• On the higher topological Hochschild homology of 𝔽p and commutative 𝔽p-group algebras
Irina Bobkova, Ayelet Lindenstrauss, Kate Poirier, Birgit Richter and Inna Zakharevich [MathSciNet] [ArXiv]

• A model structure on GCat
Anna Marie Bohmann, Kristen Mazur, Angélica M. Osorno, Viktoriya Ozornova, Kate Ponto and Carolyn Yarnall [MathSciNet] [ArXiv]

• Orbispaces and their mapping spaces via groupoids: a categorical approach
Vesta Coufal, Dorette Pronk, Carmen Rovi, Laura Scull and Courtney Thatcher [MathSciNet] [ArXiv]