WIT Research

Here we collect all the research articles that have arisen out of WIT collaborations but are not part of the Proceedings. Please use this form to enter a new publication/preprint or update an entry.

Published and accepted papers

• J.Cirici, D. Egas Santander, M. Livernet and S. Whitehouse
Model category structures and spectral sequences
Proceedings A of the Royal Society of Edinburg (to appear).
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• J. E. Bergner, R. Joachimi, K. Lesh, V. Stojanoska, and K. Wickelgren
Classification of problematic subgroups of U(n)
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 371, 6739–6777, (2019).
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• E. Ellis, C. Roitzheim, L. Scull and C. Yarnall
Endomorphisms of Exotic Models
Glasgow Mathematical Journal, 1-28. (2018)
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• M. Basterra, I. Bobkova, K. Ponto, U. Tillmann, and S. Yeakel
Infinite loop spaces from operads with homology stability
Advances in Mathematics, 321, 391–430, (2017).
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• E. Höning, A. Lindenstrauss, K. Poirier, B. Richter and I. Zakharevich
Splittings and calculational techniques for higher THH
Preprint 2018

• J. E. Bergner, A. M. Osorno, V. Ozornova, M. Rovelli and C. I. Scheimbauer
The edgewise subdivision criterion for 2-Segal objects
Preprint 2018