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Astrid an Huef (Victoria University of Wellington)
Sara Arklint (University of Copenhagen)
Karen Strung (Radboud University)
Dilian Yang (University of Windsor)

About WOA: Women in Operators 2018

The WOA: Women in Operator Algebras workshop will take place at the Banff International Research Station, in Banff, Canada, 4-9 November 2018. The workshop is partially supported by NSF-HRD 1500481 – AWM ADVANCE grant.

The main objectives of the workshop are for women in operator algebras to pursue cutting-edge collaborative research and to establish a network of women working in the field.

The focus of the workshop is on research in groups. Our groups of 4–7 will be led by 2 co-leaders.

Prior to the workshop, the co-leaders will design a research project, and provide background reading and references for their group.

We have invited approximately half of the 42 participants to begin to develop the projects. In effort to avoid the problem of only inviting those that were “seen at the last conference” (which is precisely what often results in women being overlooked!), we are now looking for expressions of interest from other potential participants.

Participants should be willing and able to contribute actively to one of the research projects listed below or be willing and able to lead an operator algebras project not already listed. For this reason, preference will be given to established researchers who have already completed their PhD research.

We invite potential participants to submit a CV and a letter of intent to Karen Strung (k.strung@science.ru.nl) or Astrid an Huef (astrid.anhuef@sms.vuw.ac.nz), which will be shared with the conference organisers and project leaders.

The letter of intent should:
-express how the researcher’s expertise can be used with respect to particular projects (please indicate a first and second choice)
-should propose a project, under the broad scope of operator algebras, which she would be willing to lead. In this case, it would be helpful to propose potential coleaders and/or collaborators.


For more details about specific projects, please contact an associated (co-)leader.

1. Quantum majorization in infinite-dimensional Hilbert Space
Project leader: Sarah Plosker
Familiarity with quantum information theory would be helpful but is not required

2. Nuclearity of C*-algebras of quasi-lattice ordered groups
Project leader: Astrid an Huef
Some knowledge of the C*-algebras of groupoids and/or graphs would be helpful.

3. Equilibrium states on semigroup C*-algebras and groupoids
Project co-leaders: Nadia Larsen and Zahra Afsar
Some knowledge of groupoids, semigroups and/or KMS states would be helpful.

4. Weyl groupoids and Cartan subalgebras for twisted k-graph C*-algebras
Project co-leaders: Elizabeth Gillaspy and Sarah Reznikoff
Some knowledge of Cartan subalgebras and/or C*-algebras of directed graphs, k-graphs and groupoids would be helpful.

5. Spectral Triples for noncompact ultrametric spaces
Project co-leaders: Carla Farsi and Judith Packer
Some knowledge of spectral triples and/or C*-algebras of higher-rank graphs would be helpful.

6. Twisted groupoid algebras and Cartan subalgebras
Project leader: Lisa Orloff Clark
Some knowledge of Cartan subalgebras, Steinberg algebras and/or C*-algebras of groupoids would be helpful.

7. Crossed products, large subalgebras, and structural properties”
Project co-leaders:  Dawn Archey and Marzieh Forough
Some knowledge of crossed product C*-algebras and structural properties such as real rank zero, stable rank one, and finite nuclear dimension would be helpful.

8. TBA (Topological dynamics/classification)
Project co-leaders: Karen Strung and Kun Wang

9. TBA (Index theory)
Project leader: Hang Wang